By TSRA Admin 

Shortly after the news broke about the tragic and senseless attack in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Biden issued a statement. One paragraph in particular stands out:
"For the lives we've lost and the lives we can save, I took historic action to stop gun violence in our nation, including signing the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years. But we must do more. We must pass an assault weapons ban. The American people support this commonsense action to get weapons of war off our streets. House Democrats have already passed it. The Senate should do the same. Send it to my desk and I'll sign it."
Let’s not even go down the road of what actually is an "assault weapon”Are we banning cars, bottles, fists as well? It's just ludicrous.
But nevertheless, our President uses a tragedy to further his own agenda that has a proven history of failure -all in the name of "doing something". As the midterms are here, he needs to be able to claim something but it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s sensible or not.
More to the point, however, the shooter in Raleigh was armed with a shotgun, a handgun, and a knife, none of which would have been impacted by a ban on modern sporting rifles.
In fact, the shooter wouldn’t have been impacted by any of the so-called commonsense gun control laws.
But President Biden’s response is just like Pavlov’s dogs: He hears "mass shooting" and he says we need an assault weapons ban. He couldn’t wait for the Raleigh authorities who, just as they are supposed to do, waited to release information until they could make sure it was accurate.
Of greater concern is the fact that Biden believes the original ban worked. Perhaps it's age or the fact that the AWB was his baby, but it's a delusion that must be addressed. Here are the facts:

Any way you measure it, the Assault Weapons Ban was a complete bust.
It didn’t make a measurable impact on crime, didn’t stop mass shootings and the largest year-over-year decreases were likely due to other factors. To top it off, according to the FBI, the use of rifles in murders fell by a larger percentage in the years after the ban expired than it did while the ban was in effect.
We had less violent crime with rifles AFTER the ban expired than we did during it. And as expressed above, rifle sales boomed after its expiration!
Does anybody expect President Biden to acknowledge his blooper? Nope. For the gun control crowd that believes that a gun on a table will just shoot itself, they will continue blindly regardless of the facts. Instead of setting the record straight, Progressives seem determined to circle the wagons and push for the Biden Ban.
What makes this all of this even more unbelievable is that a new ban probably isn’t even legal. In light of the Supreme Court decisions in Heller and Bruen, banning rifles like the AR-15 would be unconstitutional. They are in common use for lawful purposes (Heller) and there is nothing in the text, history, or tradition of the Second Amendment that would support such a sweeping ban (Bruen).
So why are the President and Congressional Democrats pushing for another ban? Why are they wasting time and taxpayer money on a measure that is not only useless but unlikely to survive the first challenge in a federal court? And why aren’t Federal Republican legislators making a big deal about this craziness?
The President said: "The American people support this commonsense action to get weapons of war off our streets."
Why would the American people support any measure that literally flies in the face of common sense? Because they have been lied to by politicians, gun control fans, and some less responsible members of the media on such a massive scale, (see last week’s piece on The Guardian’s lunacy for a great example)  and for so many years, that they really have no idea of what’s true and what isn’t.
One of the purposes of the TSRA-PAC is to educate the public; to challenge the claims that have been made, not with empty rhetoric but with evidence. We have the ammunition needed for the battle for our gun rights and we’re willing to share it.