by TSRA Admin

From prairie dogs to feral hogs, Texas hunters, farmers and ranchers have a large variety of game, varmints, and pests that require the unique versatility of the AR rifle platform.

Since we are the Texas State Rifle Association Political Acton Committee, it was only fitting that we offer such a rifle to our top tier of donors as a token of our appreciation for their generous support. Due to comments made by a certain gubernatorial candidate when he was running for President and the response from a member of the Texas Legislature, we are calling it the “Come and Take It Rifle“, recalling the Texians’ famous challenge at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835.

Working with Radical Firearms, a well-regarded, Texas-based manufacturer of quality rifles and suppressors, the TSRA-PAC put together an exclusive package that will handle most of the critters found in the Lone Star State.

This rifle package was only available through the TSRA-PAC. The money raised will be used to help promote good gun legislation in the coming session and/or defeat the bad stuff we all just know is coming.

The Come and Take It Rifle included a Radical Firearms RF00042 Rifle chambered in .223 Wylde, allowing the safe use of both .223 Remington and 5.56×45 NATO ammunition. The rifle had a 16” barrel and a M-LOK-compatible 15” RPR (Radical Parallelogram Rail) handguard, and a B5 Bravo adjustable stock. A 30-round magazine is included. It was paired with a matching RF00260 upper in .300 Blackout, which meant the rifle could made legal for deer hunting in states with restrictions on hunting calibers as well as providing a bit of extra smackdown for feral boars. A few minutes to exchange uppers, the bolt carrier group, and charging handle and you’re good to go.

Both the rifle and upper came with a unique TSRA-PAC tag on the handguard showing your support for the PAC and for 2A rights in Texas.

Membership in the TSRA was not required to donate but we still invite you to become a member of Texas’ oldest and largest promoter of hunting and the shooting sports, and an advocate for gun rights in the Lone Star State for more than century. Just click here to join!

The incentive was quite successful and the allocated limit was claimed very quickly. We want to sincerely thanks everyone donated.