Animals — Special issue

Posted: October 19, 2022
Deadline: December 22, 2022

We welcome contributions to a special issue we are co-editing together with Aris Veskoukis (Nutrition and Dietetics, U of Thessaly) and Stathis Arapostathis (History  and Philosophy  of Science, National Kapodistrian University of Athens) in the journal Animals. 
The special issue is titled Animals and Responsible Research and Innovation: From the Lab to the Meat Production Unit“. Our aim is to bridge work across science research and science governance with a focus on food production and provision, food techology and food biotechnology.
Possible topics include discussions of animal models, philosophy of agriculture, life sciences and biotech connecting to animal-based food production, as well as open science and science research governance connecting to these fields. The deadline for paper submissions is currently 22 December, but will be likely extended. 

This Special Issue aspires to bridge food and animal studies, and food science and technology with critical policy studies and science and technology studies (STS) by focusing on responsible research and innovation (RRI) processes in food production and provision, food technology, and food biotechnology. RRI has been a strong emerging trend in the field of science and technology policy as well as in innovation studies. Drawn from philosophy and STS, RRI emphasizes inclusion, engagement, and reflexivity in the making of research policies, research objects, as well as in developing areas and processes of innovation. Conceived as a policy pathway to secure deliberation and democratization of research and innovation in real time, RRI could help to mitigate possible harms and vulnerabilities triggered by technological fixes and big science. 
The aim of this Special Issue is fourfold: A: to explore the role of scientific hubris in shaping greedy and irresponsible patterns of food research and modes of production; B: to study the role of material and expertise politics of animal husbandry, as well as traditional and indigenous knowledges in shaping food systems; C: to provide a normative understanding and contribute to the critical policy studies of food research and production by addressing the importance of value-ladenness of technoscientific configurations in relation to animal research and animal-based food production; D: to explore meat replacement markets and technology and the normative bases of these innovations. This Special Issue welcomes submissions concerning several research areas that, among others, comprise:
  • Epistemological challenges as challenges of responsible research;
  • Models, prediction, and uncertainty;
  • Traditional knowledge, farming, and the role of scientific research;
  • Governance of research and production of animal-based food;
  • Animal research and open science: transparency, inclusion, equity;
  • Animals as stakeholders: model organisms, traditional breeds, individuals and herds, and the food system;
  • Meat replacements, in vitro meat, alternative protein technology and biotechnology;
  • Epidemics, pandemics, and animal husbandry: the challenge of responsibility;
  • Technologies and reconfigurations of responsibility;
  • Responsible innovation and animal ethics (rights, utilitarian approaches, care ethics, virtue ethics, phenomenology, etc.);
  • Animals as models and the assetization of scientific research;
  • From responsible research to responsible consumption.

Dr. Aristidis S. VeskoukisDr. Sophia EfstathiouDr. Stathis ArapostathisGuest Editors

Published: 10/19/2022