Tech/Money Mini-Conference at ICA


Date+Time: 22 May 2023 (Monday), all day commencing at 9AM

Venue: Center for Social Innovation Annex Garage, 720 Bathurst St, Toronto, Canada

Organizer: M. R. Sauter, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College of Information Studies

Sponsor: STRATLab, University of Maryland College of Information Studies

Description: The goal of this workshop is to bring together scholars who are working on the topic of money, finance, and funding in high technology, “innovation,” and the digital. We are specifically interested in work that approaches this topic using critical theory, communication theory, political theory, and cultural studies perspectives rather than economic approaches. We hope to draw from a wide variety of sub-disciplines, time periods, and geographic regions of focus. Works-in-progress by pre-tenure and junior scholars are particularly sought after for this workshop. A secondary goal is to gauge interest in a special issue or collected volume on the topic of TECH/MONEY at some point in the future.

Potential topics might include:
-how and why different funding models are promoted or encouraged by industry, finance, and government actors
-alternate currency systems using fungible or other non-monetary assets
-professionalized influencer economies, markets, and businesses
-studies of funding models for “innovation” spaces and projects
-studies of digital financial platforms like RobinHood or the rise of meme stocks
-corruption in the tech/money world
-ethico-moral-financial ideologies and philosophies as they appear in the high technology space
-how changing funding practices or financial/tax regulations impacted communication technology development

Please submit your abstract of *max* 500 words using this form: by January 31 2023.

Important dates:
January 31: abstracts due
March 3: notification of acceptances
May 22: workshop date

Organizer contact info for any questions, comments, or concerns:

Published: 01/23/2023