Low-Carbon Research Methods Summer Institute


Sign up for the Low-Carbon Research Methods Summer Institute:

During July & August anyone can sign up for an “Office Hour” to think more about the ways their practices intersect with carbon-intensive expectations and norms, and to consider alternatives. This free, 1-hour online session will be geared towards a low-carbon approach that advances environmental and social justice. Office Hour participants will be invited to enroll in the Summer Institute Certificate program, which will entail attending a workshop in August and reflecting on low-carbon tools and techniques. The Summer Institute is open to anyone in any field at any stage in their research journey.

This initiative stems from Dr. Anne Pasek’s Low-Carbon Research Methods Group. To learn more about the LCRM Group visit http://www.lowcarbonmethods.com.

Sign up for the Summer Institute at the LCRM Group’s event page or HERE.

Published: 07/06/2022