SDABA and SDGFA Continue to Work to Merge Both Associations

The Boards of Directors of the South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA) and the South Dakota Grain & Feed Association (SDGFA) have formed a working group to finalize a proposal to merge the associations. The proposal includes new Bylaws, Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives and Policy Positions that meet the member needs of both groups.

SDGFA has operated under a Management Agreement with SDABA since November 2007 and is operating at a deficit budget due to decreasing dues from mergers, declining revenue from the SDGFA grain bond program and the lack of revenue from the Ag Expo 2021.

The name of the consolidated group will be the South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA) as it represents all businesses in agriculture. The SDABA board of directors will be expanded to accommodate representation of the grain and feed industry.  In addition, Grain Committee will be formed.

Under the merger proposal, members of both associations will take action at a meeting to be held in conjunction with Ag Expo on January 19-20, 2022, in Sioux Falls. SDGFA members will vote to dissolve SDGFA, transfer their assets, and join their membership with SDABA. SDABA members will vote to accept SDGFA members and their assets.

If approved by the members of both associations, SDABA will be an association with member companies and their employees that are committed to supplying modern agriculture the basic needs and essential support to grow South Dakota’s number one industry. Members will include businesses in manufacturing wholesale and retail which represent business sectors including agronomic inputs (seed, plant nutrition and crop protection) livestock feed and nutrition, grain marketing and operations, equipment, and agribusinesses related services. SDABA will be the leading advocate for South Dakota’s agribusinesses.

Please feel free to contact any SDABA or SDGFA board member or Kathy Zander if you have any questions or concerns about the proposed merger.