This webinar was originally held on December 10, 2020.


How do aftertreatment systems work? This class led by Diesel Emissions Service Lead Trainer Steven “Jr” Stratton will cover the entire aftertreatment system, including the reason why it exists and what needs to be done for maintenance to keep it working correctly.


Steve” JR” Stratton started working with DES parent company North State Truck Equipment Inc in 2004 as a diesel mechanic. Jr moved to the engine rebuilding department and eventually took over the rebuilding program and dyno test cell. In 2007, Jr moved to the emissions division named Diesel Emissions Service as the Lead Retrofit Installer. His team installed more than 10K retrofits in CA. In 2015 Jr was promoted to Training Manager with a focus on training all of our technicians the latest in aftertreatment issues. Today, Jr travels the country speaking about lowering costs per mile with proactive service on the aftertreatment system and teaches classes for both DES and Diesel Laptops on the west coast. He also runs the Redline Emissions Products Tech line where customers and dealers can call in for help with any aftertreatment issue.
“Aftertreatment 101” was sponsored by Redline Emissions Products