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The adage “the house always wins” is a well-established truth in the world of gambling. However, there are a select few players who cause even the most powerful casinos to take notice. Dubbed “Advantage Players™ (APs),” these elite gamblers possess an unparalleled mastery of games like blackjack, which are typically considered unbeatable. By leveraging their exceptional skill, lightning-fast insights, and razor-sharp instincts, APs are able to outmaneuver even the most formidable of opponents, securing victories especially when the stakes are at their highest.

But what sets Advantage Players apart is their ability to bend the system in their favor. Joel Block, an Advantage Player™ and expert blackjack player, has taken these same skills, attitudes, and philosophies to the realm of business, making his mark in the competitive fields of venture capital and hedge funds. Examining over 1,000 companies, participating in over 40 deals, and contributing to opportunities worth over $1 billion dollars, Joel is a true master of his craft. And, he is generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge, captivating audiences with cage-rattling keynote speeches and media appearances.

This presentation was originally part of NARSA/IDEA’s 2023 Spring Conference hosted by Empire Radiator in Rochester, New York.

Speaker Bio:

Joel Block, Bullseye Capital
Joel is a money man. He knows how to make it, how to invest it, and how to make it grow. As a long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, he knows how to pinpoint success. Because he is also a futurist, he bets on the trends that he identifies. In addition to his experience of building and/or operating close to 40 companies, he has advised hundreds more, and has the experience of being inside of over 1,000 companies with the opportunity to analyze them, whether for acquisition, investment, or advisement. Joel has several secret weapons including his extraordinary wit which contributes to his lightning-fast understanding of the businesses he examines. He asks wicked sharp questions that may seem deceptively simple…but are the hardest questions to answer. Couple these abilities with his mind-bending creativity, and you have a recipe for success that will lead you to Disrupt Your Competitors’ Future. Wearing his futurist hat, Joel will help you map out your future; and with the advisor hat, he will tell you what you need to hear whether you like hearing it or not. Leverage his experience and knowledge to win the disruption game.

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