Executive Director’s Message

My wife Sandy and I just returned from Las Vegas where we attended AAPEX. This was a special time as we were able to see friends and business colleagues who we haven’t seen for two years. 

Even though some of the people we saw have been on Zoom calls with us over the past two years, there is no substitute for personal contact and the energy that is exchanged between people who have a passion for the same business.

As AAPEX 2021 was the first show or conference that I have attended since AAPEX of 2019, it was extra special in many ways. I hope that the future will produce more events like this and more opportunities for the business men and women of the Cooling Systems and Diesel Emissions industries to meet in person. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel or that glimmer in the sky at night which makes us all feel tomorrow will be brighter than today.

NARSA/IDEA is earnestly working to reschedule our conference for the Spring of 2022 as well as plan an International Tour for the fall. The NARSA/IDEA Board and staff encourage everyone to attend our in-person events. The exchange of knowledge and contacts which transpire at a conference create that one idea, one opportunity, and one connection that will impact or transform your business. Stay tuned for future announcements about our plans in the Spring, and I hope to see you in person in 2022.

Mark Taylor
(410) 320-5119


See more photos from AAPEX and hear from our members in the next issue of The Cooling Journal!

“Lunch & Learn” Webinar in November

Our “Lunch & Learn” webinars are BACK! Be sure to join us Tuesday, November 9 to discuss the labor shortage crisis and learn ways you can attract and retain talented employees. This session is FREE for NARSA/IDEA members to join.

With an ultra competitive job market, how does your company rate when perspective employees are looking for a new job? Do you know who you are competing with for new hires, and what the competition is offering new employees? One of the most crucial aspects of growing a service business is employee acquisition and retention. Not only are you competing for new hires, but you are also having to retain your existing employees. Business is not just about expanding your customer base through sales and marketing, but also selling your company to future employees. This webinar will dive into the history of the decline in skilled workers and break down exactly what your company can do to compete for new talent.

Panelists: Mark Taylor (NARSA/IDEA), Bobby Duran (Cooling Systems Caribe), Jamie Irvine (The Heavy-Duty Parts Report), Aaron Picozzi (American Diesel Training Centers.

Welcome New Members

We want to welcome the following companies to our association:

Procore International (Merritt, British Columbia, Canada)

AJT Global (Joplin, Missouri)

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September/October 2021 Cooling Journal

Just in case you missed it, here’s the latest issue of The Cooling Journal:
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Solder & Soot Podcast

Be sure to catch the latest episodes of the Solder & Soot: a NARSA/IDEA Podcast! Each episode, our hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran interview entrepreneurs and industry experts about the secrets to their success.

Episode 8 – Jamie Irvine (The Heavy-Duty Parts Report)

We discuss current industry trends with Jamie Irvine of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report podcast. Jamie has worked in the heavy-duty parts industry since 1998 and is currently a Sales and Marketing Consultant. Why should businesses focus on service? How can companies eliminate waste and inefficiency? Jamie breaks down how you can succeed against your competition in the latest episode of “Solder & Soot: a NARSA/IDEA Podcast.”

Episode 9 – All About Coolants (Old World Industries)

Did you know that 40% of engine downtime is coolant-related? This month on “Solder & Soot,” we dive into the science of coolants with Joe Long of Old World Industries. Joe has more than 40 years of experience in the trucking industry and is definitely an expert in his field. Not only does Joe answer our top questions, but he also explains the most common mistakes technicians make when it comes to coolants, cleaners, and other chemicals in this latest episode.

Episode 10 – Jeff Thorpe (G & M Radiator)

This episode we jump across the pond to speak with Jeff Thorpe of G & M Radiator based in Scotland. G & M’s roots go back all the way to 1919. Not only do we find out about cooling systems industry history overseas, but we learn more about the skilled labor shortage challenges the UK is dealing with. A member of NARSA/IDEA for many years, G & M also shares some exciting breaking news with us about the company’s future plans!

Episode 11 – Mike’s Radiators

We learn all about life in Zimbabwe with Mike Marques and Darren Maboreke of Mike’s Radiators in this episode of “Solder & Soot.” They are new members to NARSA/IDEA, but they’re both experienced in the world of cooling systems. From recruiting employees to finding materials, we discuss the challenges of operating a radiator shop in Africa. Plus, have you heard of the African tiger fish? We learn more about this monster of a fish, and why it’s especially tough to catch.

You can find “Solder & Soot” on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor.fm as well as http://narsa-idea.org/podcast.

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