Dues Increase Effective June 1, 2023

Starting June 1, 2023, a modest dues increase will go into effect. During their meeting in Rochester, New York, the NARSA/IDEA Board of Directors decided a dues increase was prudent to ensure the well-being of the association. Every industry has experienced inflation to some extent, and in order to keep the budget in a neutral position, this increase is necessary.

Here is the old dues structure and the new amounts:
  Effective June 1, 2023 Previously
Professional Membership $325.00 USD     $295.00 USD
Service Shop $450.00 USD     $425.00 USD
Manufacturer/Distributor $1050.00 USD     $995.00 USD

Professional Memberships were previously $295.00 USD. The new membership dues are $325.00 USD.

Service Shop Memberships were previously $425 USD annually. The new membership dues are $450.00 USD.

Manufacturer/Distributor Memberships were previously $995.00 USD annually. The new membership dues are $1050.00 USD.

We would like to also clarify membership levels:

Professional Memberships are for people who are not affiliated with a service, distribution, and or manufacturing company involved in the businesses we represent. Professional members can be teachers, consultants, or independent sales representatives. Professional members receive one hard copy of the Cooling Journal, receive the newsletter, and have access to our website. They cannot share or have others related to them use the benefits offered to full members. Professional members may attend our events at member pricing, but only them.

Service Shop Memberships are for companies who work on and service heat exchangers and or diesel emission filters. Their gross sales for service labor operations are in excess of 50%.

Distributor/Manufacturer Memberships are for distributors and manufacturers of cooling system components and or diesel emission components. For companies who do service, distributing and manufacturing, you are a distributor or manufacturer if 51% percent of your gross sales are from distribution and or manufacturing.

Hopefully this clarifies the levels of membership in NARSA/IDEA.

Thank you,

The Board of Directors of NARSA/IDEA