Location: Aston, Pennsylvania
Owner: James Drespling
Member Since 2017

What’s the background and history of your shop? 

“Jim D’s DPF Cleaning Service started out of my house in 2010. Our business occupied the garage which included a 16-foot enclosed trailer and a long side the house to work out of.  As months went by, we outgrew the trailer and moved into a 750-square foot shop. We were there for 5 years and before we knew it, we outgrew it too! Currently, we are at a new 4000-square foot shop which we are currently starting to outgrow.”

How many employees do you have?

“Jim D’s currently has 7 full-time employees including a Sales and Social Media Manager, Shop Supervisor, Office Manager, and 4 Jim D’s Clean Diesel specialist technicians.  Our team’s hard work and devotion makes us who were are today.”

What services do you provide?

“The work we do at Jim D’s DPF Cleaning Service includes: picking up the Diesel Particulate Filters from the customer, properly clean by pneumatic, aqueous and thermal Cleaning, repair (if needed) and then redeliver the filters back to the customer.  Jim D’s also troubleshoots the Aftertreatment Systems including Reset and Run regens.  When necessary, we sell aftermarket DPFs and Docs including gaskets and clamps.  We also train and support our customers with our expertise along the way.”

How did you get involved in the business? 

“I first got involved with the Diesel Emission Field in 2007 when I went to a seminar in Detroit, Michigan. The seminar was specifically for Hino After Treatments Systems. After attending the classes, I saw a great opportunity to create a business that no one had at that time. It took me 3 years of saving money and selling everything I had to be able to acquire the equipment that I need to start the business.”

What are some of the major challenges you’ve had to face in the last 10 years? Is there anything you have been able to overcome? 

“My major challenges in the past 10 years would be finding and training the right person for the job. Someone that maintains an interest in the job. Another big challenge in this field would be earning my reputation and earning the trust from my customers. With constant competition, including pop-up businesses, it makes it hard. But we always strive to be the best!”

What do you love about this industry? 

“What we love about our type of business is that we have seen years of neglect of the world. It is about time that we started taking an interest in preserving the environment. We have also met a lot of people along the way–everyone from the hardworking, private truck owners to the large corporate owners. Everyone that we have spoken to has been an influence to the success of our business.”

How did you first get involved with NARSA? 

“I first got involved with NARSA in 2017.  I was approached by two long-time NARSA members, Bobby Duran and Mark Taylor who informed me about the organization.  Both members felt that I had a lot of knowledge in the Diesel Emission field and could contribute to the organization. I have to thank them both for becoming my mentors in the successful operation of my business.”

What advice would you give to another shop owner? 

“The advice I would give to other owners in this industry would be ‘Technology is always changing. Keep up with it!’ Attend the NARSA Conferences and speak with other business owners. Networking is also important in keeping your business growing!”

Are there any exciting plans in the works for your shop? Any goals for 2020?

“Jim D’s DPF Cleaning Service just purchased the newest technology in Engine Carbon Cleaning.  This machine will aid in cleaning the carbon in the diesel engines.  This machine will be used before we clean the diesel particulate filter, resulting in customers having a complete clean diesel system.”

This article was originally published in the January/February 2020 issue of The Cooling Journal.