It is very easy to get sucked into the social media rabbit hole. For years, I resisted social media platforms. As my attitude towards social media has softened, I now realize how vital social media has been for our association. 

Social media is a full-time position for any organization wanting to utilize its greatest potential. Since joining our team a year and a half ago, NARSA/IDEA’s Communications Director Linda Skoglund has consistently reminded the management staff along with the Board of Directors to post anything that is relevant to our industries, to share, and to like other members’ posts. Our association interacts with members every day on social media. I check all of our accounts on a regular basis to make sure I don’t miss a message or question. 

The greatest advantage to social media has been our ability to communicate and engage with cooling systems and emission service facilities around the world. This year, we have added members in South America, Africa, and France. Social media is the tool which has given us an opportunity to expand our footprint beyond U.S. borders. Canada and Mexico have always been and continue to be important to the success of NARSA/IDEA, but now we are truly the international organization that we had aspired to become when we changed our name to NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association. Every time I think about social media now, I am reminded about the new members we have been able to attract to NARSA/IDEA. 

Just recently, we had our first member from France join. This was made possible because of social media. I saw a post from a radiator manufacturer/repair facility in France, and I reached out to them on LinkedIn. After introducing myself to Alain Dupau from Sud-Ouest Radiateurs, Alain thought NARSA/IDEA could benefit his company. He decided to join our organization, and I couldn’t be happier for our organization to make a connection in Europe. I asked Alain to provide me with some content about his company that I could include in my editorial. Here is what he wrote to me explaining about his company.

Sud-Ouest Radiateurs (SOR) is a company of heat exchange professionals. Founded 50 years ago by Mr Norbert Dupau, the company has naturally been taken over by his son Alain Dupau. It has been located in the craft area of Yvrac (Bordeaux – 33000) since 2009, when Sud-Ouest Radiateurs chose to expand its skills by adding to its services the making of custom copper and brass radiator cores. The business ranges from industry to heavy trucks, agriculture, public works, light vehicles, and competition. We will always have a solution to offer our customers regarding their radiators. Our strength is to have a know-how that allows us to take care of our customer’s radiator needs. Sud-Ouest Radiateurs has 14 permanent employees who are committed to the quality of the radiators it produces.

Here are some photos Alain sent me of his operation and some of the people who work with him.

When I look at these photos, I see a company just like other companies here in the United States. Our business is so universal around the world that no matter your country or culture, we have this connection through radiators with the rest of the world. If the name on the building was removed, this business could be down the street from you anywhere in the world that you are located. The world has become smaller and more accessible because of social media and digital communication. One day, hopefully I will have the pleasure and honor to meet Alain and tour his facility in person. 

Social media is a tool like a welding machine, a torch, or a DPF cleaning machine, and when used properly can impact your business in a huge way. Even though I have highlighted my new friend in France, all of our International members are just as important, and we thank you for belonging to our organization. 

As we had to evolve this year due to COVID-19, the association now has digital programs companies and people from around the world can access. I know there are a lot of people who are worn out with all of the Zoom calls and virtual events, but for our members around the globe, they have access to information and training that was not previously available to them.

By the time this magazine is printed and mailed, we will have completed our second virtual conference. Hopefully all of our members will have taken advantage of the great programs that have been offered. We also are in the beginning stages of our Fall conference which will be held in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and yes it will be in person, September 16 and 17. Put these dates on your calendar and be on the lookout for some exciting news regarding this event. 

Remember to use your social media to promote your company and tag @narsanow. If you aren’t sure how to use the social media platforms, or would like to share your pictures with us, you can email them to

Have a great summer, and I hope to see you in Dallas/Ft Worth in September.

Remember to always solder clean metal!

Mark Taylor
NARSA/IDEA Executive Director
(410) 320-5119