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It is not preferable to write about one’s self. Most people don’t want to read about someone who has had a less than exciting life. Unless you are James Bond, Indiana Jones, or one of the extreme sports athletes, your life will probably look ordinary, which doesn’t make for a nail biter. Unfortunately, for you, this editorial is about the final chapter in my life as it pertains to NARSA/IDEA. 

The Board of Directors of NARSA/IDEA was informed by me back in January of this year that I would like to have them think about starting the search for a new Executive Director of NARSA/IDEA. When I originally offered to manage the affairs of the association, the volunteer leadership knew I had a shelf life so this news was not a shock to the Board.

As a cooling system service and parts distributor for 36 years, a member of NARSA/IDEA since the mid 80s and as a board member of NARSA for over 10 years, I felt there was an opportunity for my team and I to give NARSA/IDEA a boost over a period of a few years. This July, we started our fourth year managing the affairs of NARSA/IDEA. 

Our team has had to navigate a once-in-a-lifetime event, the COVID-19 Pandemic and try to maintain value to our members by developing online virtual events, online content and a podcast. I am happy to report the association has come out of the pandemic stronger than before. We just concluded our 2021 Spring Conference in Houston, Texas. Registration is currently underway for the International Tour in United Kingdom this September, and the arrangements for AAPEX are being finalized. Americans are hitting the highways and airports as more people are traveling than in 2019. 

Your association is in a great place with a dedicated group of volunteers who sit on the Board of Directors. They are from different areas of our industries. Some are manufacturers, some are strictly service shops, and some are service and distribution. We have representation on the Board from large companies down to small companies. We also have an age diverse group, which gives the board a broader perspective when discussing the future. I am so proud of the Board and how they have acted in the best interests of the association and industry. Hopefully, you, the member, can see the changes that have been made over the last few years and will agree that progress has been made. 

I started in the radiator business in 1981. Looking back over the last 41 years, I can honestly say I love this industry and the people in it. My company flourished as a result of NARSA/IDEA. And through the relationships I forged, I was able to sell my company, which created the opportunity for me to manage NARSA/IDEA. The time is getting near when I will finish the radiator and DPF chapter in my life and go on to something else. 

The Board of Directors decided on a different approach to start the search for my replacement. In the past, the search was kept behind the scenes. Sometimes head hunters were used to identify candidates, but now the Board is convinced that a person from within our industry is best suited to help manage the affairs of the association. If you know of someone who is passionate about the cooling system and diesel emissions industries and they are looking to make a career change, please have them reach out to Bobby Duran, They can send a resume to Bobby or to me at 

You can read the full job description here:

This isn’t goodbye yet. There will be plenty of time for giving thanks and saying goodbye to all of the people who have helped to make the associations great. 

Mark Taylor
NARSA/IDEA Executive Director
(410) 320-5119
This editorial was originally published in the July/August issue of The Cooling Journal