Reflections on MROP // Rick and Ed

Rick Eby – Goshen, Indiana
MROP – September 18-22, 2013
Krislund Camp near Madisonburg, PA

“My time at Krislund was very meaningful in many ways.  I valued the opportunity to let my guard down and be receptive to the teachings of the Elders, the sharing of my fellow initiates, and to the direction of God during the extended periods of time for myself.  While I hear this frequently and know it in my head, I value being reminded by fellow seekers that I am not perfect, but I am forgiven and a Beloved Son of God.”


Ed Horski – Michigan
MROP – June 26-30, 2013
Sandstone, MN

“The entire experience was meaningful, but I have to say the day of solitude, fasting, prayer and reflection settled most into my soul.  It was that time alone that burned into my whole being the message of the previous days, and tilled the soil for the final seeds of the good news for me as a man trying to follow Christ. My mind down shifted and I opened my heart up to healing and repair and gratitude through that day.  More of my whole self (mind, body and heart) took perspective in God’s bigger picture and I was able to take myself more lightly and more thankfully, and allow God to begin to love and heal me more deeply.  Like they say, ‘I came down out of my control tower’ more on that day.  A real first and a great beginning!”