We want to know about you

We want to know about you!
Specifically, we want to know how Illuman can better support your personal and spiritual development. To that end, we invite you to follow this link to update your interests, information, and communication preferences with Illuman.

This information will help us improve the way we communicate with you by allowing you to define your passions and interests—the topics and issues that matter most to you. Examples include: Based on your input, we will curate, create, and publish useful content that speaks to what matters most to you, introducing you to relevant and inspiring authors, videos, podcasts, websites, and many other resources. We know the right information at the right time can be a huge boon to your own continuing transformation.

Your participation will also help us better support your personal, spiritual growth—for instance, by enabling us to offer opportunities for connection, service, and mentoring around shared passions. Clarity about the issues that are nearest and dearest to your own heart can help us develop new ways that we “gather, connect, and serve.”

Whether on personal issues or broader interests, we want to meet men where they are and help them receive the support they need to become whole, generative, loving men. With this information we could create opportunities for men with similar interests to learn collaboratively. Or we may be able to offer supportive “Passion Circles” for men dealing with specific personal issues like those listed above.

Service is another Illuman touchstone. The information you provide will help us identify potential mentors for newly initiated men in those crucial first few weeks following their Men’s Rites of Passage experience. Mentors can provide a listening ear, guidance in establishing new personal spiritual practices, and inform initiates about programs and councils Illuman offers, both nationally and locally. This year, six Illuman chapters will initiate perhaps 200 new men through the Men’s Rites of Passage. We would love to be able to pair each new initiate with an initiated man.

Please take just a few minutes to share your information and preferences so we can pair you with resources and relationships for your spiritual journey. 

Thank you so much for your participation