‘Let’s See’

Each evening at Oracle 2022, our leaders gathering held in Potosi, Missouri, we gathered around “Grandfather Fire” to offer gifts of poetry, story, drumming, movement, and song. The following was offered by Illuman NorCal Convener Joe Gabaeff.

‘Let’s See’
by Joe Gabaeff

As I climbed a gentle hill,
a wind that felt lighter
than the branches would have you believe
came down to meet me.

I approached a threshold,
Where the One before the Three
greeted me like a Greaser.
The leather jacket, the smooth hair –
this Spirit epitomizes cool
even as its tree limbs shade
my face from a bashful moon.
His message is simple:

Everything loves you.
The trees love you.
The stars love you.
The asphalt you walk along loves you.

I had to stop.
I knew I had to stop.

Every rock, every bird,
Every feather, every person.
The lake down yonder.
The entire Universe loves you.

All of this whispered in a firm,
almost too quiet way:
Is this happening?
My bones said yes!
The wind said yes!
All of this, I couldn’t believe.

Then, like a nudge, the energy of the world
gathered around me, as if Gravity
unbothered by distraction
could finally express its will
to see what happens when All
decides to combine with All else
just to see what happens.
This playful ‘Let’s See’
is Love.
The whole Universe was drawing me out
While the whole Universe was drawing in
To Me.

It came in colors and waves, movement
Toward Source. It was palpable,
Like the Universe wanted me to know,
right then: It is True.
It is True.
The world of matter is a world of Love.
And you are part of it. Always.
It loves you, and it holds you
right in place, safely.
Without it, you’d scatter into Infinite

The air swaddled Me
There, standing on a hill
a country road swimming over my feet.

And as I stepped back down the hill,
It came that I am too scared
to talk about this with anyone.
I expected Revelation to be louder
like a tide that drags you out-
not a ripple ensconcing the shore.
Who would trust these wet feet?

I still don’t believe I’m worthy.
Anything to not believe
I’m worthy of the Intimacy of God.