Water Poured

Each evening at Oracle 2022, our leaders gathering held in Potosi, Missouri, we gathered around “Grandfather Fire” to offer gifts of poetry, story, drumming, movement, and song. The following was offered by Illuman of Indiana-Michigan Convener Mike Whitman.

Water Poured
(Oracle 2022)
Michael W. Whitman

It is the sound of water being poured
That caught my attention.
A chair facing out,

An empty basin and small indigenous woven rug,

On the floor,
In front of the chair,
And next to it,
A small white bowl.
Two men.
One stands,
one sits.

One bows deeply to his seated friend,

And kneels.
And oh,
so tenderly,

takes the others naked feet into his hands.

Looking at them,
Like a new father would,
Seeing his newly born child,
For the first time.

He places them in the basin,
In front of him.

Gathers water in the white bowel,
And pours it ever so carefully,
Over the other’s feet,

Fully present to the moment.

but for the sound,
Of pouring water.