Introducing the Illuman Content Sharing Library

The Illuman Content Sharing Library is a new online tool that will facilitate a process of content sharing, especially for articles that men discover and want to share with other Illuman men. The image below shows the library. Click here to go to the Content Library, then simply click on the tabs in the left column, then the pages in the middle column to view the content that is displayed in the third column.

This library is intended for the use of Illuman men, both to find edifying content and to submit content you would like to share. Content will be regularly updated, especially the Articles section. Curated articles may have copyright protections and are intended primarily for learning purposes or to be used in small segments (with proper attribution) in emails, Council prompts, or related content. 

To submit articles or content to be included in this repository, please forward the content to

Please bookmark the link to the Illuman Content Sharing Library in your browser or copy and paste this to a place you can access. We will soon have an internal Illuman portal where links to external resources like this can be posted, but until then you will have to record this link someplace you can easily access.