Illuman in Brazil?

Illuman in Brazil?

October 20, 2022 | Posted by Illuman Admin | Drumbeat, Illuman, International

by Bob Juárez & Giovanni Pérez, Illuman Wisdom Elders

It’s happening! Illuman en Español is the part of the work of Illuman that reaches out to the Latino and Hispanic world through the Concilio Internacional Virtual (International Virtual Council). Men from Brazil joined us early on in this Council, particularly Francisco Ievlen Barbosa and Rogério Paulo of Fortaleza, Brazil. Working with Spanish translations of the works of Richard Rohr which were then translated into Portuguese, he and some of his companions began a men’s Council in Fortaleza. It has grown remarkably, especially given that none have yet been able to make it to a Men’s Rites of Passage or Umbrales. It is hoped that two of the men might be able to participate in the SoCal Rites in June 2023 or possibly the New Mexico Rites in September 2023. They are ready and willing, and we are most anxious to bring them in. At the recent Rites in Texas, a native of Brazil who lives in the US attended. He very enthusiastically connected with his compatriotas to encourage their progress. 

The average age of the men in the Fortaleza men’s Council is around forty. We recently learned that the families of two of these men are moving to São Paulo and plan to begin a men’s Council there by January 2023. If Francisco and Rogério are able to join us next year for the Rites, Illuman en Español will be ready to go to Brazil to conduct the Rites of Passage with them as early as 2024! We already have two weavers and a ritual elder ready to hop on a plane to join them!! 

The men of Illuman Brazil: Rogério is the fifth man from the left and Francisco is the second from the right.