Sadness by Dean Robertson

Sadness by Dean Robertson

January 19, 2023 | Posted by Illuman Admin | Arts, Drumbeat, Light and Dark, Poetry

Sadness settles in like a ground fog.? 

It penetrates all the little cracks and crevices. It clings to the surfaces and forms drops. When the drops fall, they become tears.? 

I know not why I cry, only?that I have a deep sadness.? 

Maybe it’s?a deep longing of dreams?unfulfilled.?Maybe it’s?a fleeting memory of a?friend long ago?passed away. Maybe it’s?just a general mysterious?melancholy. 

The sadness permeates the heart and the soul and?radiates?outward,?creating a kind of a blanket?around me.?It reminds me of lying?in the middle?a forest clearing at night on a?full moon with the mist?hovering right above the ground. It glows in the moonlight. An owl hoots in the distance. I do not mind being sad. It is not something I frequently feel. I treasure this fleeting moment as a gift. Soon the sun will come up, and the mist will evaporate.? 

Dean Robertson 2022 (Initiated man from Illuman of Washington)

Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis on Unsplash