APG Defines “Professional Genealogist”* 
By Markus Schönherr, chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee

In the December 2023 eNews outgoing APG president Annette Burke Lyttle wrote: "The Long-Range Planning Committee is wrestling with the definition of “professional genealogist” and whether we should have membership levels in APG."I was appointed as a member of this committee in January 2024, and took over from  Annette as the chairperson in late April. I am now delighted to report that the APG Board on 24 May 2024 approved the committee's proposal for the definition of “professional genealogist,” which is as follows:

"Professional genealogists have a dedication to family history and genealogical research, combined with formal training, continuing education, expertise, and experience. The professional genealogist upholds ethical, privacy, and legal standards, and complies with established genealogical standards, methodologies, and practices. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and research results with clients or the public is a key element of being a professional genealogist."

Thank you to the Board, and the committee members for their work on this. The committee continues to work hard on the question of membership levels in APG, which we hope to resolve by the end of 2024. During our virtual committee meeting on 23 May 2024, we agreed that we are on a good path to achieving this goal. 

* This article originally appeared in the June 2024 issue of APG eNews