Soularize 2015 Videos

Soularize 2015:
Season’s of a Man’s Life

In 2015, Illuman hosted Soularize 2015: Season’s of a Man’s Life in Bernalillo, New Mexico. The event included presentations by Illuman’s Weavers on four seasons of a man’s life: Sowing, Growing, Pruning, and Harvesting. In addition, we were joined by Fr. Richard Rohr for a talk about male spirituality and men’s work, and hosted a panel of presentations with Illuman men involved in Social Justice issues.

Session 1

Damien Faughnan- Introduction: How Do We Journey Together?

In the introductory talk at Illuman Soularize 2015- Season’s of a Man’s Life, Damien Faughnan offers a welcome and describes how men journey together in their spiritual lives.

Session 2

Joel Blunk- Sowing

In this video, Rev. Joel Blunk offers a reflection on the season of Sowing in a man’s spiritual life. Terry Symens-Bucher kicks things off by reciting the Rainer Maria Rilke poem, Go to the Limits of Your Longing. Joel then encourages the men present to rediscover the seed of innocence sown within them at birth by telling a story and sharing his musical talents.

Session 3

Jim Clarke- Growing

Jim engages the audience with stories, poems and even personal experiences which are both entertaining and help drive home his message and provides the deep plunge into the darkness where the soul spreads out its roots so it can begin growing towards the light.

Session 4

Jim Taylor- Pruning

In the his talk Jim Taylor offers a reflection on the season of Pruning in a Man’s spiritual life.

Session 5

Belden Lane- Harvesting

Throughout his presentation, Belden emphasizes that though the harvesting season of man’s life can be filled with a great deal of uncertainty, it is also a time of great meaning and purpose. This is another great video presentation for any man on a spiritual journey

Session 6

Fr. Richard Rohr- Reflection on 35 Years of Men’s Work

Fr. Richard Rohr reflected on his 35 years of experience in men’s work. Along the way, he expanded the notion of male spirituality through a deeper understanding of psychology. He also delved deeply into both mystical teaching and his lifelong experience working with men.

Session 7

Illuman Brothers Involved in Social Justice Issues

In this talk at Illuman Soularize 2015- Seasons of a Man’s Life, men offer short reflections about their work for social justice in the world.