Illuman Leadership


Illuman is primarily a volunteer-led organization, comprised of three governing bodies and numerous sub-councils that handle day-to-day operations.
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If you would like to contact any of the groups listed, please email our administrator via the form on this page and he will pass your message along.


The Board provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance, overseeing the administration and management of Illuman’s ongoing operations.

Ned Abenroth (Vice Chair, Operations Oversight)

Mike Anderer (Ad Hoc)

Dominick Bencivenga (Bookkeeper)

Jamey Bontrager-Singer (Chapter Development)

Jim Burns (Communications & Outreach)

Tim Callan (Reweaving, Risk Management)

Roland Fernandes (Treasurer)

Mark Funkhouser (Programs)

Steve Hicken (Chair)

Juan Hinojosa (Fundraising)

Tom Reid (Secretary, Governance)


Andy Gray (Technology)

Chris DeLastic

Terry Symens-Bucher (Diversity and Partnerships)

Wisdom Elders exercise deep discernment and reflection regarding the life and activities of Illuman, including the practices comprising the Men’s Rites of Passage.

Ned Abenroth

Terry Frisbie

Steve Hicken

Bob Juarez

Joe Lonergan

Giovanni Perez

Jim Taylor


Kevin Anderson

Mike Bennett

Joel Blunk

Jim Clarke

Steve Conroy

Brad Kuluris

Stephen Gambill

Belden Lane

Glenn Siegel

Richard Fay

Byron McMillan

Bob Sabath

Conveners are the voice of local Chapters to Illuman through the Community of Conveners.

Geno Gallegos, Convener of Conveners

Jeffrey Batstone, Washington

Jim Burns, District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia

Scott Bollen and Chris Cameron, Wisconsin

Mark Bonnett, East Canada

Bill Brennan, Florida

Stefan Brombach, Germany

Gary Meagher, Illinois

Don Cowie, West Canada

John Day, Oklahoma

Mark Infusino, Travis Murphy, and Shane McRae, Southern California

Drew Henry, New Mexico

Richard Dougherty, Northern California

Hunter Close and Martin Lazarraga, Texas

Pavel Hrdina, Czech Republic

Steve Moore, Alabama

Paul Koch, Ozarks

Chris O’Donnell, UK

Paul O’Driscoll, Ireland

Tom Pawlak and Mike Whitman, Indiana-Michigan

Chuck Rihm, Ohio

Paul Lyons, Minnesota

George Sawin, Northeast U.S.

Al Selder, Arizona

Wayne Stevens, Australia

Michael Wright, Oregon

Peter Zellner, Georgia


The Chapter Development Council is a resource and connection point for local Illuman Chapters, bringing consistency through sharing wisdom and process knowledge.

Jamey Bontrager-Singer

Seth Burgess

Tim Callan

Mike Clawson

Terry Frisbie

Al Selder

The Communications and Outreach Council develops and supports Illuman’s external communications, public outreach, and social media presence.

Bill Nolan

Bryan Sanchinell

Chris Cleghorn

Chuck Rihm

David Murphree

Jared Adams

Jim Burns

John French

Stephen Murphy

The Curricula Council oversees the creation and/or approval of ongoing programs and courses offered by Illuman.

Ned Abenroth

Dan Dolquist

Mark Funkhouser

John Lew

The Development Council works to garner the financial support needed to resource and grow Illuman’s programs and infrastructure.

Blair Anderson

Chris Cleghorn

David Vossler

John French

Juan Hinojosa

Laurence Pagnoni

Markku Kostamo

Mike Anderer

Steve Hicken

Tom Reid

The Governance Council periodically reviews and makes recommendations for improving the effectiveness of Illuman’s governance structures and policies.

Chuck Rihm

Daniel Harris

David Murphree

Jamey Bontrager-Singer

Juan Macías

Tom Reid

Warren Hebert

The Leadership Service Council for Illuman en Español guides Illuman’s work with Spanish-speaking communities within the US and abroad.

Bob Juárez

Giovanni Pérez

Juan Macías

Néstor Rodriguez

Samuel Pérez

The Program Council develops and implements Illuman’s major programs and events, including our annual Soularize Conference.

Ned Abenroth

John Ball

Karim Aziz

Mark Funkhouser

Mike Clawson

Steve Hicken

Terry Symens-Bucher

The Reweaving Council looks at Illuman’s overall structure, governance, and operations to propose strategic changes for the future.

Bill Priesmeyer

Bob Bulanda

Brian Sullivan

Chris Cameron

Chuck Rihm

Daniel Harris

Dave Morrell

David Tillman

Felix Rodolfo Soria

Hector Garcia

Ian Nicholson

Jared Adams

Jeff Nichols

Joe Gabaeff

Louis Volpi III

Mark Mehlos

Matt Hardin

Mike Anderer

Mike Whitman

Orval Jack Nobles

Scotty Johnson

Tim Callan

The Technology Council provides information technology strategies and implementation.

Mike Clawson

John French

Andy Gray

Anthony Monticchio

Tim Sullivan

Jared Adams

The Virtual Council Guiding Circle aids Illuman in the development, implementation, management, and expansion of its Virtual Council Program.

John Ball

Bill Brennan

Robert Bulanda

Michael Camerino

Steve Conroy

Michael Klinger

Dave MacQuarrie

Anthony Monticchio

Scott Wehner


Mike Clawson is Illuman’s Administrator, overseeing all aspects of Illuman’s day-to-day operations, including programs, events, marketing, communications, and general administration. He is also the co-founder of the New Story Festival, producing transformational events for creativity, spirituality, and social change. He has a Ph.D. in Religion from Baylor University, has been an adjunct instructor of religion at several seminaries in Central Texas, and was a church pastor in the Chicago suburbs. Though originally from the northwoods of Michigan, he and his two teenage daughters currently live in Austin, Texas.