Initiator Program

For initiated Illuman men: If you’ve ever wanted to return to a Men’s Rites of Passage, here is your chance. We invite you to experience the Initiator Program.

Go Deeper

Your Rites of Passage was just the first step...


If you’ve already completed your Men’s Rites of Passage, but would like to go even deeper into what you learned and experienced there, consider returning to an MROP for the Initiator Program. Offered in conjunction with the Men’s Rites of Passage events, the program is not a repetition of an MROP experience, but is designed to give an initiated man the opportunity to deepen his understanding of initiation while walking with and holding the initiation experience of other men.

About The Initiator Program

Men who have been through the Men’s Rites of Passage often ask how they can participate in and support the initiation process for others.The Initiator Program provides an opportunity for men to return to the MROP to both deepen their own personal work and support the new men being initiated.

The Initiator Program runs parallel to the actual MROP, at the same time and location. Initiators have their own separate Weaver who will lead them in times of teaching and sharing, especially on the Illuman Way of Council. Following the tradition of the elders taking the young men to be initiated, this program also gives participants the opportunity to spiritually hold the container for the new initiates who are doing their Rites for the first time by being present in the Sacred Space for each of the MROP rituals and teachings. (If you did your own Rites any time since 2014, you may recall the Initiators there who were holding space for you.)  Holding space in this way will deepen your experience of what happened at your own MROP. You will be led through a series of reflections, silence, and time in nature as we form the Sacred Circle of Prayer and Presence. Most of all, we will stand shoulder to shoulder, giving our prayerful strength and support to the MROP organizing team and to the men being initiated.

Come join us for a meaningful week of men transforming men through deep soul work!

This program is for you if:

  • You have been through the MROP and are an initiated man.
  • You are keen to deepen your spiritual journey by revisiting the messages of your initiation.
  • You want to be an active initiator – a man who invites other men to become initiated.
  • You understand that you are not being initiated again, but are being invited to take the next step beyond initiation.
  • You can be present and be part of the container for the entire MROP event.

Program Details:

The Initiator program is limited to 20 participants. Priority will be given to men who commit to sponsoring/inviting other men to this MROP. Check with the MROP host chapter for registration details and costs.

How do I sponsor someone?

  • Option 1: A man is considered a sponsor if an MROP applicant clearly indicates that you encouraged him to make the Men’s Rite of Passage on his application form. So encourage men you think are ready.
  • Option 2: Financially sponsor a man you don’t know by contributing at least half the registration fee for a man to participate in the MROP. This donation will be used for scholarships for MROP applicants of limited means. Donations should be made directly to the MROP host chapter.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: If my son or a close friend wants to attend the MROP, should I be there?
A: Yes – We find that it can often be a powerful bonding experience and heighten the feeling of connection and support for new initiates to have friends or family members  there holding space for them as an Initiator. We encourage you to talk to the prospective initiate about the possibility of attending an MROP together.

Q: Does joining the Initiator Program mean being a part of the MROP leadership team?
A: No – While Initiators do help to hold the space spiritually during the MROP (through prayer and presence), you will have no other leadership or planning responsibilities. You are there to experience your own program, not help run someone else’s.

Q: Is there a cost for the Initiator Program?
A: Yes – the Initiator Program has it’s own registration and cost requirements. See the MROP host chapter sites for details.

Check the upcoming MROP list here to see which one you might attend.  You are encouraged to consider returning to the same place where you made your own rites if possible.  Many men comment on the profound experience of returning to that sacred space.  Contact the regional sponsoring chapter of your chosen MROP, then confirm and sign up for this wonderful program.