Drawing from a Deep Well Videos

Drawing from a Deep Well

Drawing from a Deep Well: A Men’s Retreat with Fr. Richard Rohr.

In November 2016, Illuman hosted Fr. Richard Rohr for the Drawing from a Deep Well Men’s Retreat in Bernalillo, NM. Fr. Richard led attendees on an up close and personal journey through his 35 years in the development of male spirituality retreats and programs that led to the creation of Illuman in 2012.  With his ever-present sense of humor and touching insight, he makes himself vulnerable by sharing stories and reflections on his own spiritual and personal journey.

We share six video clips below, one for each of Fr. Richard’s engaging and provocative sessions.


Session 1 // Intro to Men’s Spirituality



Session 2 // Men’s Work – Early Years



Session 3 // Men’s Work – 1980-1990



Session 4 // Men’s Work – 1990s and Beyond



Session 5 // A Conversation



Session 6 // Trinity & Transformation